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Default Re: Removing pedals off motorised bike and adding pull start

That's about all there is to installing a pull start, but you might need a slightly longer bolt to mount the pawlonto the crank over the mag coil as it usually don't come with a bolt and the one on your engine will only grab on by a few threads. You may also need to use a really thin washer or no washer under the head since there's very little clearance, basically, if it feels like it's binding on something or won't bolt all the way down it may be the crank bolt head interfearing with the pull assembly.

Another thing to look at is if you notice more engine vibration after it's installed you may need to take off the aluminum adapter from the crank and turn it 180 and then reassemble since these parts aren't exactly perfectly balanced.

Pedal clearance can be an issue too if you decide to keep your pedals or reinstall them.
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