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Default Re: Hello - New member and new motorized bicycle owner

I just used some 20g stainless steel, a pair of snips and a strip of 3/16" rubber. There was a muffler bracket provided with my kit but it was a little flimsy.
I don't want to load you down with upgrades and modifications but at some point in the future you might want to consider replacing the plastic tensioner wheel/pully with a modified skate board wheel. A lot of us who prefer to use a tensioner have had good luck with the polyurethane wheels used on skateboards. There are several threads devoted to that modification so I won't repeat it here. If your current wheel has a bearing I wouldn't make it a priority but the poly wheels run smoother and quieter than the plastic kit tensioner wheels.

(Neat Times) Ron,
Thanks for the compliments my friend. How's the weather in Pensa. today? 12 degress here. Rats! Wish I was in Englewood or Punta today.
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