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Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post
That is what all the woman say to me, so glad to see you, I`ll be right back, but I never see them again !! lol

I did buy all the lathe parts for the 12" x 54" Atlas . Did you get a chance to see the U tube Swing Blade Sawmill videos ?
U2!? snicker

On the vids. I am sure I did but have watched hundreds.

Keep a laptop in the shop just for that (and avoiding actual work)

It really is amazing. I still have all my text books from school but is easier to look up videos, conversions or just about any thing on the interweb.

Even when it costs more to craft some thing rather then buy it, it's still more fun to make it. With in reason, I guess.

Any pics of your set up, Ron?
worst apocalypse ever

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