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Default Re: Topped out at 30mph what to do now

Originally Posted by Knuckledragger View Post
I have a bike and it has a 6HP race motor from Jakes Custom Motorbikes all polished and ported with a notched and skirted piston, Diamond High Compression head, Mikuni VM18 carb, 40 tooth rear sprocket, Rocket Raceing CDI and a expansion chamber exhaust. My first rude was 10 minutes and not much power. 2nd ride it had more power and pulled hard and good throttle response. I am on the third tank and it tops out at 30 mph. I use ready mixed 40:1 stuff from Lowes that is equal to 92 octane and ethanol free. I feel that I should be at least hitting 35++ mph. I see stock motors doing over 30mph with a 44 tooth sprocket. I just bought a Suzuki RM80 expansion chamber and a KTM 85 silencer. Any comments or tips will be appreciated.
If you have gone through the break in procedure properly and all the basics have checked out including the scheduled maintenance you might check out this company as they may have some coatings for your motor that may help where you need it. before you discount it I recommend reading everything this company has to say about two stoke motors even if you decide going a different route the information they have may give you ideas that you may have overlooked.

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