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Default Re: Newbie questions for upgrading

Hi 4 stroking is a term used when a Two stroke engine runs poorly and fails to fire the air fuel mixture consistently.
if you keep your mods well planned your engine tuned and decarbonized you will not likely encounter this problem.
color tuning is a way to insure your Air fuel mixture is set correctly
I have used this kit many times on motorcycles I am not sure if they have the size that will work on your Two stroke motor.

You can also go old school and simply read the spark plug as it a good indicator of your current tune.

and never take for granted that all the basics are good as a slightly dirty air filter can starve the motor of air making the engine run rich.
if you have a dirty air filter you don't want to cure it by filling in your jets and drilling them out smaller. same goes with the fuel filter if you have one and you do have one right?
if the fuel filter clogs up and starves the motor of fuel this is no reason to drill the jets bigger.
Keep it simple and make sure the bike is at its peak before you start to modify it as many poorly planed engine,exhaust and or carb mods will leave you with feeling that you were better off when it was stock.
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