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Default Re: Newbie questions for upgrading

Ok, that sounds great. My engine only has about 55 miles on it so far but I should have it broken in in the next week or two. I will refrain from trying any mods except the 41T sprocket until that happens but I definitely think cruisin at 30 mph will suit my needs quite well. I only use it to commute from school and work and back, both of which are under 3 miles away.

Okay, so one last question... what do you all mean when you say it's "four stroking?" I have been trying to figure out what that means and how to diagnose it on my engine but I honestly have no clue what it means when you say that. Can you give me some easy to understand language that describes that? I am definitely a newbie when it comes to 2 stroke engines and fairly new to the motorsports in general (although I have ridden 2 and 4 stroke dirt bikes before, but not for some time).

Thanks guys!
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