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Default Re: Newbie questions for upgrading

One important thing I've learned ( but opinions vary ) is to not mod your engine until after breakin ,also you will hear from time to time sellers of the motors ( not all mind you ) stating things like go the racing carby or this will make it faster ,you will at some point get burned by listening to this IMHO.

I would start by gauging your own engines performance and character because trust me on this each and every engine has a personality that differs from the other
My current kit hates warmup ,runs like a pig until it's at correct running temp but when there she screams along and easily does 35mph without any real mods ( I run a 32 t though) .

I would start with changing the spark plug lead for a good automotive one , rejetting and adjusting fuel to air ratio ,to get her running nice and clean and soldering the electrical connections ,yes you might not get her to run much faster but she will fire and run smoother ,then think about mods to increase speed and performance ,small steps first my friend

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