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Default Newbie questions for upgrading

Ok sooo I don't really know where the appropriate place is for these questions but here goes:

I have a few questions about my new PK80 motorized bike. First it's a brand new motor so my first question is how many miles do I need to ride it to consider it "broken in?"

Second, I attached a bike speedometer to my bike and my average speed is between 20-25 mph (mostly around 20) and I'd like to get a cruising speed of averaging around 30 mph. I have purchased a 41T rear sproket and I'm guessing I'll get some more speed from that. Currently my top speed (with a 44T) has been 30 and thats going downhill at a pretty decent slope. I'd really like to get close to that speed on the flats. Any ideas for simple upgrades to get it up around those speeds would be great.

How fast should I expect to go with the motor broken in and a 41T sproket?


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