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Default Re: Realistic travel distances ?

Originally Posted by Henshooter View Post
...If a chinagirl could travel over 2000 miles with only minor issues ,but travel with overnight breaks and such how long could one travel if you were to ride all day ,rest at night and get back on and repeat until you have reached the destination.

In essence could someone with the right training and maintenance plan for a few 1000 miles over a span of a week or two reach their destination...
The in-frame two stroke kits are indeed capable of such accumulated mileage, as you've experienced with yours as I mine... the catch I've found isn't so much whether the motor or even bicycle can do it as the distance isn't that great comparatively (I've one with 5x that mileage at least), the problem is as you hinted - rider endurance.

The pain & aggravation threshold varies greatly from person to person ofc, but although I have some years experience as an all-season daily rider/commuter, I've found that between the noise, vibration, riding position & road condition I really only have about 100 miles (161 km) in me before it's just no fun anymore, which is kinda short legged for serious travel, granted some may be able to do far more & in fact I can & have - I jus' get a wee bit cranky is all lol

If you're familiar with the peculiarities of the two stroke kits, comfy with your bike & what it's likely to need, there's no reason in the world to not give it a shot, folks regularly pedal far further after all, coast to coast across the US is about 3000 miles (4828 km) & it's a fairly common HPV attempt with time & budget usually the biggest concern.

Having said that... there is a reason I built meself a comfy four stroke/electric motorized recliner

edit: forgot to include my comfiest two stroke two wheel example lol;

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