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Default Re: Realistic travel distances ?

Hen, I have been thinking about this for years. A couple before I found this forum. (there were a few before this one)

But I wanted to do a long motorized bicycle trip where folks would sorta bet for charitie how far I would make it on route 1 from the Canadian border to Key west, Florida. (proceeds to go to St Jude's

It is a 1950s kind of 2 to 4 lane strait line.!2d24.5550593

2K miles+ but what I was thinking was do it with a pusher trailer that doubled as a camper.

I know it is not what you were thinking but has some advantages. A, a camper. B, carry every thing you might need. And 3, can use a 4 stroke with a CVT driving small, gokart wheels giving you speed, torque and motor longevity. In what your thinking, is a good option, I think.

Just rambling.
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