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Default Re: Thinking about offering up some custom Decals.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I've tried several brands of decal paper from Office Depot, Office Max and others but the results are always less than desirable. The decal paper I've used is too stiff to conform to curves and the colors loose opacity when applied over a dark surface. I think when the weather warms a little I'll just make a stencil from the decal paper and airbrush the image on my tank.
2door this company makes a water slide decal film it is more used for models but could work for what you are looking for. I personally haven't used it yet but have read good reviews of it for what you want to use it for if you have access to a color laser printer being outside that would be best for it. Plus the fact it would fade as an ink jet would Hope this helps you if you do try it and it works good let me know I would really be interested in your results. But as I said it is a specialty thing not what you are used d to

Experts-Choice® Decal Film - Bare-Metal Foil Co.
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