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Default Re: Newbie questions

The photo you posted doesn't show the plug. It does show what looks like an oily spot on the intake manifold. I don't know what that is but if your idle is good, not too high, then it probably isn't a bad weld on the manifold.

Some kit instructions will tell you to "finger tighten" the spark plug. That is wrong. It needs to be tight. About 60 to 80 inch pounds is about right. There have been reports of defective threads in the cylinder head. Check those too.

The cylinder head also needs to be torqued down. 120 to 140 inch pounds will be good. Some go as high as 150. That's pushing the limits. We also suggest lapping the cylinder head on the gasket sealing surface to get a good seal.

We always suggest to new builders to get rid of that small spring you have on the clutch cable between the adjuster and the clutch arm on the engine. It serves no purpose but it will make your clutch harder to operate. Leave the big one. It is a heat shield to protect the cable from engine heat.

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