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Default Re: Whole scooter for $600 vs. Bike motor for $200

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Hate to say this but if the bottom line is the bottom line, a scooter is the way to go. A bicycle with motor assistance is the way to go if you want to build some thing, not buy some thing to ride or get around. Create and build a working piece of art all your own. A mass produced scooter will have all the bells and whistles. (Horn and lights) They are cheaper then a motorized bicycle bought used and built for comfort. All around, simpler to operate and own. It was just not built by you.
....and that's why it's taking me forever to get going on a MB.

Our bike/moped/scooter laws are lenient most of the time so there's really no incentive for me to build a motorized bicycle to ride a whole 4 miles round trip for work.

Sorry, I use a.........$600 Chinese 4 stroke scooter, preowned. Been using it almost a year and only had to change the drive belt and adjust the valves. Other than that, it runs just fine. I get 35 to 40 mph on the flats, 25up hills and 45 to 50 mph down those same hills. I also have a shoulder/bike lane all to myself 75% of the route. The rest is getting across a 50yd bridge and small town riding.

I also picked up a 50cc 4 stroke retro scooter and a "vintage" Yamaha QT50. Both are waiting for restoration work. I'd like to add a gas or electric powered motorized bicycle to the stable, eventually. Just not finding the time or extra resources for it as I'm also in the process of remodeling our kitchen. <sigh> Neverending. The floor is next.

Meanwhile, the scooter is my main ride. It's also great when it's raining. I did ride my bike in the rain once. Should have just sat on the bike and had the wife shoot both of us down with the water hose.
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