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Default Re: Realistic travel distances ?

Originally Posted by Henshooter View Post

In essence could someone with the right training and maintenance plan for a few 1000 miles over a span of a week or two reach their destination .

I live in Melbourne Au and my family live in Perth Au which is separated by roughly 3000 km ,if I was to embark on a journey to Perth what do you think the realistic chances of a single chinagirl doing this ,obviously there would be cargo involved but would be kept to a minimum and of course spare parts just incase.

What's your guys/gals opinions on this

Regards Henshooter
It's possible, but I'd put the chances of success for most people less than 1%. That being said, the china girl engine, with proper maintenance wouldn't be the problem. It would be everything else, the bicycle frame, motor mounts, spokes, ect.
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