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Default Realistic travel distances ?

Hey all

I've done some traveling on my chinagirl builds ,the current motor being a touch over 800 km but for all my kits it would be an average of 2500 km ,this got me thinking

I've done some lengthy rides on a peddle bike at around 300 km being my longest ride ,I averaged about 60 odd km per dAy on a group ride but what if someone was to embark on a lengthy motorised bike ride .

If a chinagirl could travel over 2000 miles with only minor issues ,but travel with overnight breaks and such how long could one travel if you were to ride all day ,rest at night and get back on and repeat until you have reached the destination.

In essence could someone with the right training and maintenance plan for a few 1000 miles over a span of a week or two reach their destination .

I live in Melbourne Au and my family live in Perth Au which is separated by roughly 3000 km ,if I was to embark on a journey to Perth what do you think the realistic chances of a single chinagirl doing this ,obviously there would be cargo involved but would be kept to a minimum and of course spare parts just incase.

What's your guys/gals opinions on this

Regards Henshooter
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