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Default Re: Removing pedals off motorised bike and adding pull start

So it works now, yay.

I removed the rear deraileur as I could not be f****d to fix it up. Then I just ran down the road and jumped on it and it started.

Some day I will have to fix the cranks and chain so like other people said before, if I run out of petrol I'm pushing it.

I am considering converting it to a single speed, it is currently a nothing speed, LOL. But it has three cogs in the front and 6 in the back, making it a 18 speed if the derailleur was attached.

I will have to shorten my chain as well, but for now I just cut the chain in half with a angle grinder, because I didn't have a chain link remover tool.

Does anyone know what I can do to convert it to single speed and can I use the existing cogs.

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