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Default Re: Thinking about offering up some custom Decals.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I think there's a market for some tank, helmet, crankcase art. I have some ideas but I haven't perfected the method of making a durable decal. I've tried sticky printer paper, the transparent kind but my inkjet printer has limitations and the images are always a little translucent. I wanted a Norton motorcycle logo. I found a great one, copied it and using Photoshop got it looking like I wanted it to look but when I printed it on the decal paper and tried to apply it to my tank it looked like crap. The decal wouldn't conform to the compound curves and you could see the black tank through the gold lettering. What's the secret? Or am I asking for proprietary information?
Actually i was planning on getting enough orders to have it professionally printed up on vinyl. i believe the minimum order i found online was at least $150 plus a $65 setup fee to print. you had to order at least 200 prints i believe. Right now i have attempted a few inkjet prints and they have preaty much sucked comming from your standard walmart,kmart,bestbuy inkjet printers and papers.
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