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Default Re: Removing pedals off motorised bike and adding pull start

Tomorrow I will be going up to my friends place to work on my bicycle.

So I have trashed the pull start idea, but the last time I was up there, I found a way to start it, and that was to lift the rear wheel up, by holding the seat, holding in the clutch and then kicking the pedal, like kick starting a motorbike, the reason I had to do this is because my bike only has one crank as I lost the other crank.

After a while of doing this, my rear derailleur came lose and I couldn't be bothered fixing it, so I am going to do it tomorrow, do you think this can buckle or damage the wheel, because this method is quite effective, before it failed.

I am also going to try the idea someone else had where I let the clutch out half way, yes I know this would prolong the life of the clutch pads, but I can always buy some new pads.

Doing this will get rid of the need to add a pull start or add a shifting kit to start the bike and get the bike up to speed without pedalling.

Not meaning to sound rude, but please don't tell me to fix my other crank, unless the kick starting method is damaging the wheel, because I can happily ride with one crank and rest my other foot somewhere else.

Thank you in advance,
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