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Default 80 Cc Install Problem

Just installed my kit. The instructions were so poor you had to guess alot of things. The cable that screws on to the carburator fell part when I took it off. I reinstalled it with the slider and springs but i want to have a detailed picture of the correct sequense of parts. I put the cable through with spring around,had to compress the spring while I put the cable in the groove on the side of the slider. There is a needle with a e-clip and look like a big clip which fits througn the bottom of the hole. screwed it back on. I started the bike. It was a hard start at first. It will start but you have to feed the trottle. It goes about 20 mph but starts to die when I come to a stop and does not idle. Actually if the instructions were detailed and the pictures were clear, this wouldnt have been such a chinese nightmare.If explained properly and parts labeled and numbered this could be installed by any person. The problem is the pictures, the guessing, the modifications. Please help me with this problem.
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