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Default Re: new newbie from LA, CA

Hello and welcome.

$700 would be really high end. There are some great WCC builds and after market parts available. This is just a search for WCC, here, using the search feature.

Doing it your self is a lot more fun (and frustrating, snork) But aside from the joy and sense of accomplishment. An incredible learning opportunity. Also and uber important, ya know when some thing just doesn't feel or sound right and can fix it.

Paying some one else to do it for you makes it a thing. Creating her your self, she is a creation with whom you have a bond.
LOL, I know how nutz that sounds but most folks will back me up.

No bout-a-doubt it, is difficult, hair pulling and maddening to build a first one. Just makes that first ride all the sweeter. Really is a high first time she fires up and carries you down the road.

Lots of help and and information here. Just ask. Every thing, problem and challenge you run into has happened to some one else and can be addressed.

Build some thing cool and post lots of pictures!
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