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Default Re: Hello - New member and new motorized bicycle owner

Originally Posted by Ron-P View Post
Thanks guys. I found some, Fry's Electronics had'em. I was in there picking up some split-loom and thought, what the heck, I'll take a look. Sure enough, and the orange color is a near perfect match to my bike...yeah!
Good find, Ron.
I was in Ace Hardware yesterday and they had packages of multi-colored tiewraps too. I didn't buy any cause I use black and have tons of them. I took another gander at your bike; I like it more everytime I look at it. It just has a good look to it. Clean, simple, a real eye catcher. If I could make one suggestion; you might want to install some kind of attachment for the chain tensioner. They are notorious for loosening and getting into the rear spokes. A lot of us drill a small hole through the tensioner bracket and chain stay and use a bolt or screw to keep the bracket from rotating on the frame. Some guys use a simple self tapping screw but I like the security of a 10-32 allen head bolt and nut. Use Loctite on everything and you'll be set for some happy cruising. I also like to fabricate a bracket for the muffler to frame. That's a lot of weight flopping around down there and can compromise the exhaust manifold attachment. Enjoy.
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