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Default Re: 100:1 Mix

I remmember when ford cars were recommending 5w 20. Now it is 5w 30.
Is there anybody here with significant more miles than say 2000 on a china girl here?

While I will give opti it's well deserved respect. I have a motor here that is not a H.T. china. It has 20,000 miles on it now. Runs flawless. I do mean perfect! I ran Amsoil in it.

I did notice that the opti when I tried it was considerably thicker than the Ams I have been running.

My point is there is no China H.T. motors with 20k on them. I think I will make it to 40k easy peezy. Morini Baby...

So to summerize my impression is the vast amount of folks posting here prolly have 5k on a china at best?
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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