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Default Re: Hello Biker World

Hi welcome I am also new to this as I am an ex motorcycle rider that needs to get fit and have fun at the same time.
I have yet to determine the power plant of my choice but it seems I will likely go with
with a mid drive e bike conversion with a front drive friction Honda motor for the front wheel as a back up measure incase I have a problem with range and or a electrical failure.
I am not sold completely on going strictly a gas setup as I just don't care for the noise and vibrations that a small engine will put on my neck and back that is already causing me to seek exercise and therapy.

I just welcomed a new member so it was easier to copy and paste my last welcome
I am the same way drag from a motor or engine plain sucks if you want or need to pedal
this is why I am going with the dual power plant as I cannot physically pedal a normal bike for long so If I get too far away from the house I have to have a get me home option
I will say you have a lot of home work ahead of you if you want to comply with your local and state regulations as most of the less expensive popular power plants do not comply with EPA regulations and wont come with a warranty as most of the gas engines you will find were not intended for use on a bicycle. however with a bucket load of common sense
avoiding letting the engine run at idle or at wide open throttle long you can get pretty good use out of most any kit out there. as with anything you get what you pay for so watch out for really cheap kits while most of the parts are ok some parts like the fasteners may need to be upgraded. I see many threads where fasteners either break off or vibrate off due to the one cylinder thumper motor setup and vibration that accompanies extra care and attention to detail with what parts were provided with the kit will help you have a more enjoyable experience.
Good luck with your project and yes well all love pictures.
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