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Default Re: Custom Parts Help!!

There's a few carbs out there that'll deliver nice power depending on what you want and how modified your engine is... porting, exhaust, etc... but one of the best carbs is the Mikuni VM 18 or the Dellorto PHBG 19mm, either one will support big power without breaking the bank, some are using carbs as big as 24 to 26mm on their race engines but these little engines quickly lose their street manners at those power levels... They will do it, but at those levels it's kinda full throttle or idle and don't run very good in between, but really really strong. The 18 and 19mm carbs still work well in the mid range but can still make good power. The Walbro carb is still a good choice tho, just be prepared for some fab work to get it installed, I've heard the kit isn't as complete as some might expect and little or no instruction, they have been successfully installed tho by members in here like Theon and a few others... He will gladly help you with this if you want to go that way. The Walbro carbs do have the advantage that you can tune them without taking them apart so keep that carb in mind as well.
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