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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
As Curt says, Vansickle tractor paint is top notch. It covers well, doesn't tend to run and looks great. I used the Gloss Case IH Red 455 70 on my Indian Hiawatha tri-car. I painted it a couple of years ago and it is starting to fade a bit which is actually good, I think, as it looks more like an old timer. My neighbor lady said the bike wanted to be ruby red and so I chose the brightest red Vansickle carries. It was a good choice.
that's idea .. plain old enamel give it patina in time like old paint.. two stage (color base with clear top coat) would look off for "vintage look"

Originally Posted by FFV8 View Post
Vansickle is the only consumer level supplier of true Alkyd Enamel in an aerosol can that I know of.

It takes longer to cure fully, but is a very tough coating when cured.

As far as the color goes, an old book I have describes the Indian color as "chinese red" - but that sort of predates Pantone...
Using it out of gallon can requires adding hardener and thinning with naphtha for using in spray gun..
Even it may takes a while to cure fully.. but yes, stuff really hard wearing..

It is easier on yer wallet by all mean.. $25.00 a gallon isn't too bad compared to $75 to $150 a pint for automotive grade.. plus most automotive paints is pretty toxic.. that why autobody repairmen retire early in career..
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