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Default Re: What brand and ratio do you like to run in your china girls?

Fully agreed, I know it works at 100:1 because that's what I run in mine, not to mention many others in here do the same and have logged thousands of trouble free miles.

Truthfully I would have never ran a 100:1 mix in anything but after doing some of my own reading, research, and real world testing, guess what I run now? And guess what?.. Mine still looks like new because I tear my engines down about every few hunderd miles to make sure things are the way they should be. Do I have to do a teardown that often to check things out? absolutely not, but I like to know mine won't seize up on me 15 miles from home etc.

There's a LOT of talent and a Lot of knowledge in here, but if you wanna ask a question, then run to some rep who sells the stuff but most likely never used it just to come back and say bull you're on your own.
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