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Default Custom Parts Help!!

Ok so ive had my bike for about a year now and it runs great! its a huffy cranbrook 26` with a 66cc(80) chinese engine on it. Over the year ive run into almost every problem you could think of and replaced over every part but every minute of it has been a blast! So recently i was looking for a way to supe up my bike cuz and it opened my eyes to a whole new world! i never knew there was custom parts or anything! So ive been saving and looking for parts and im probably gonna be dropping around 500$ on my first order. The only problem is i cannot find one sight with everything i need on it except JNmotors. The problem with their site is theyve been out of stock for a while now. I talked to a sales represenitive and he said he would help me out with a bundle and order the stuff i wanted. Its been over a week with no response ive emailed and called to no avail. so i was wondering if anyone knows a good reliable site were i can find a range of parts. i would just order from multiple sites but i dont want to end up spending hundreds of dollars in shipping alone. Heres some of the parts im looking for:

SBP Black Expansion Chamber....HP Walbro Carb Kit +RSE Reed Valve Kit (Stage 2 or 3)....Jaguar High...Performance CDI Kit...Billet High Compression "Diamond Head"

I also need a ported cylinder and should i get a new rear sprocket? like a smaller one? im overall looking for speed and performance. if you have any suggestions on a better set up for speed and performance feel free to tell me plus if you know of a better parts for the same price range please let me know. hopefully to >> soon
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