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Default Re: im new to the site, i finally got to post something

I got a kings engine , in the long run, matched the intake , exaust ports. marked at TDC ,for intake side shaved the protruding piston skirt to match opening. Last never made it to a tuned pipe , would love to try one though. I just opened up the baffle on the muffler a little at a time, drilled holes. 5000 miles , runs just fine on mine. Lots of good info here, not all of the ch motors have the piston skirt partially blocking the intake opening. Some designs put the intake port lower on the jug casting clearing the port perfectly already. The kings I bought is a bushed engine, Its been just fine . I think they are all good motors though . Wouldn't worry to much, but do check around , I have heard some kits were cheesier more or less. Good luck ride safe I know you will have fun!!!!!!!!!!
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