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Default Re: What brand and ratio do you like to run in your china girls?

Originally Posted by topgun View Post
Talked to Opti oil rep. He told me this oil could be mixed at any oil ratio that you're manufactured recommended. So this 100:1 only is bull. Mix this oil 16:1 , 32:1 what ever you like
You can pee in your fuel too and it will probably run ok, but why do it?
You can mix at any ratio you want or use whatever you want, but there are many members on this website you can find who have logged thousands of miles using opti-2 mixed 100:1. I am sure you will find those who have also logged thousands of miles using more oil in there fuel. If the benefits of running opti-2 100:1 don't appeal to clean engine and little smoke, then by all means run something else or at whatever ratio you want. However I think it would do you well to do a bit more searching on here before you rule mixing opti-2 at 100:1 bull.
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