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Default Re: Hey Everyone, Another new member

There are a lot of NT fans here. It is hard to beat unless you're planning on lots of engine modifications. It will perform perfectly on a stock engine.

Aftermarket jets are available but as I've posted here before, the sizes are not always accurate. A lot of us prefer to solder and drill the jet to fine tune for overall performance.
Your altitude above sea level will dictate what works best for you.

As for idling, the screw on the left side is the idle speed screw. In for faster, out for slower. You didn't say what your particular idle problem is but if too slow that is adjustable. If too fast that could indicate an air (vacuum) leak somewhere downstream of the carburetor. The most common area is the intake manifold gasket at the cylinder. There are other places to look but check the simple things first. Carb to manifold must also be an air tight connection.

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