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Default Hey Everyone, Another new member

Hey everyone, hows it going out there, ive spent the last few weeks kicking around your forums so i figured ill register, anyway this is my story:

about 3 weeks ago i was given my first motor bike, i got it for doing a favor for a friend, it was a basic ccm frame with a 66cc jet kit attached to it, however it was nonoperational, through this forum and the information i have found here i managed to fiddle with the carberator until it ran, its still having a few issues such as refusing to idle, and four stroking at WOT, but as of now i can hop on it and ride across town, which is a huge step up from where it was when i got it. a few other modifications such as a fuel filter and a new fork and bar setup. next in line is a hydraulic front disc, and spark plug/wire. the bikes far from perfect but im sure with all your guys help ill eventually have this thing purring like a kitten.

as for a little about me, im a 23 year old college dropout, i clean floors for a living so funds are a bit limited, i live on a medium sized island called newfoundland in canada, its a very hilly area and the weather is crappy for riding most of the time. ive been working on bikes without motors ever since i was old enough to know what a wrench was, so if you explain something to me ill generally get it. i look forward to a good time hanging out here

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