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Default Re: hello ! ( and about engine temps...)

Originally Posted by mikeg View Post
Thanks for the input. I couldn't see how there could be such an issue. I realize there's no cooling system, but for the, to make that claim....

Thank you again, you've eased my mind.
When you get down to it, it's true tho: 2-strokes are not as suited to all-day operation as 4-strokes are.
They have twice as many power strokes per cycle, by default they wear out twice as quick - aside from their oilburning nature.
Most 2-strokes only oil themselves under load. This means decelerating deprives them of oil and eventually compression.

The 4-strokes kick chinagirl butt like Van Damme in reliability. Sorry, it's true. Iron liner > chinee splay chrome.
Most 4-strokes in our application are commercial/industrial rated, so they will run all day even enclosed. Even if it's a clone.
It doesn't hurt that 4-stroke clones are copied from the Japanese instead of the soviet-era.

Anyway, the "instructions" that came with chinagirl kits I bought back in 2006-2008 all said not to run the engine more than 30 minutes at a time.
Maybe it was to keep the sprayed-on cylinder liner tempered lol.

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