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Default Re: Herky jerky slow speed cruising?

Two things I didn'tsee mentioned yet that can affect low speed juddering are as follows

1) Chain tension. A slack motor-drive chain can be a factor, as it can "wind up" and then slacken, causing a jerky motion that can feed into itself or resonate, so to speak.

2) The stock nt carb doesn't seem to have great low speed drivability, in my opinion. I upgraded to a $30 rt carb/filter and got much better off ide drivability. No more 4stroke patches as you run up the rpms, no hesitation. The top speed seems about the same, but the low-mid range is just better. I attribute some of that to using a proper jet (#65 for me). The rt seems to be a dellorto clone, so getting proper jets is cheap and easy. This is based on my opinions and experiences, others may differ.

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