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Originally Posted by FFV8 View Post
Vansickle is the only consumer level supplier of true Alkyd Enamel in an aerosol can that I know of.

It takes longer to cure fully, but is a very tough coating when cured.

As far as the color goes, an old book I have describes the Indian color as "chinese red" - but that sort of predates Pantone...
As soon as I read "true Alkyd Enamel" I Googled it, and bookmarked that site. I'd heard of Vansickle before, but I didn't know they still made Alkyds. Heck, I didn't know anybody still made Alkyds; I hadn't heard that word in so long. The last time I heard anybody talk about Alkyds was when I was helping my British neighbor who ran a little known auto-body repair shop out of his garage in Mansfield Ohio, back in my teens when I was helping him do some hammer-and-dolly work on a decrepit MG. He was lamenting that there was no local place to purchase Alkyd Enamels for when he worked on the really old motorcars that sometimes turned up. He thought it was the perfect stuff back then. He told me all about them. My uncle painted his rides with them too, and he agreed with Mr. Messenger (the Brit).

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