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Default Re: What brand and ratio do you like to run in your china girls?

Just don't go 100:1 with other oils unless they're specifically designed for that ratio... or bye bye engine... I cut my teeth on early 80's dirtbikes too and the rule back then was 20:1 with a few who may have dared to go up to 25 or 30:1 but needed overhauls much sooner. When I first saw Amsoil making a 100:1 oil I was really leery about mixing at that ratio, but if you got that oil and tried to mix at 50:1 or 30:1 etc, you'd see all kinds of oily mess inside your pipe and it can ruin the packing in the muffler, but at the ratio it's designed to run at it burns clean... no smoke, no oil all over the place, but yet the inside of the engine looks brand new even after hundreds of miles of hard riding. It also makes plug reading very similar to a 4 stroke engine and with more gasoline in the fuel you usually need to jet down a bit to keep the air fuel ratio correct, but that comes with a nice power gain of it's own too.
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