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Default Hi From Lake Worth Florida

I just wanted to stop by and say hi, my name is Kevin I am 45 disabled with a bad back and neck. Due to lack of exercise and interaction of medications resulting from my disability I nearly died from 3 99% clogged arteries in my heart.
So I have decided to get on a bike and ride. I knew I couldn't manage a unpowered bicycle alone so I purchased what I thought would be a reliable solution which is my 2014 A2B Alva + e bike.
This turned out to be a fun bike to ride but has proven to be unreliable with fundamental design flaws that have the potential to leave me stranded with no way to get that heavy bike home once it breaks down.
The worse part about my A2B is the general lack of customer service and properly trained techs at the authorized service center.
so basically you have little or no warranty. as the repairs you get are second rate and normally with used damaged parts as they have no replacement parts in the US it seems.
Last week I purchased a second bike for myself a 2015 Giant Roam 1 with the XL frame.
it is a great lightweight bike that I need to modify so I can be in a more upright position. then I need to motivate it with electric or Gas powered motor
perhaps both.
pretty much I am looking for reliability and serviceability or at least a way to disengage the drive system so it doesn't add drag to the bike when and if it breaks.
So I plan on checking out all the post and learning what I can. I am sure to have some questions but I am sure there is nothing I can ask that hasn't been covered numerous times on this forum.
I have been an automotive mechanic for many years the last ten years of my working career I worked at a water Treatment Plant as a Utility Plant Mechanic.

while my disability has kept me from doing many of the things I love I hope to
be able to convert my bike by myself or with minimal help from my friends.

I still have my A2B so I use it to keep in shape however the problems on it make me feel unsafe. So I am motivated to get my Giant working reliably as soon as possible.


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