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Default Looking at bikes. (Help?)

So I'm looking at bikes for sale and kits and such as some of you know mine was stolen from me a while ago. I came across this on craigslist and was wondering if it's worth looking at?
It looks like he's got a 'straight pipe' and I've emailed him asking what sort of brakes, how many miles, what the seat situation is, and what the soda can looking thing at the back of the frame is. If I were to offer anything, I'd come in low, as I'm not sure of the quality of work, but I also haven't SEEN it yet

ALSO! I'm in the Santa Maria area and looking around for bikes, if you know of anything good nearby or that is willing to ship. let me know! I'm looking to do a really cheap build, I'd say $350-$400 absolute maximum.

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