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Default Re: First Bike build and limited to $600 ;3

I would not choose that bike, personally. Only a coaster (pedal backwards) brake and no front. It is smaller then 29". A good "cruiser" and inexpensive option, well one of my favorites is the point beech. First link. Front & rear brakes. Some folks advise against side pull brakes but I have not had a problem with them. Also, it has 7 gears. Really helps with take oofs/off the line, hills and with keeping up with traffic when needed. But is also on the small side and difficult to center the rear sprocket.

This is the only cruiser I found there that is 29" but know nothing about em;

This would also be a choice in that size and has front suspension.

Your choice of bike is hugely important to enjoying and being happy with your build and safety, of course.

Not sure about that kit. Have you tried the adds on either side?
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