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Default Herky jerky slow speed cruising?

Hello all! New to site, new to motorized bikes. Hope this thread is in the right place.
I have a Felt Deep six that I love its amazing! I got this bike due to that I love riding bikes!
But due to year's of abuse on my knees and 4 surgeries later I have not been able to pedal
Much anymore. My bike is a Felt deep six as mentioned above. The Bike is very simple
Stock Raw 66cc engine, drive train is basic set up single speed. Coaster break on rear, front
Break is basic set up no disk. The carb is a stock NT style carb. In frame fuel system. Stock
Felt wheels, crank and pedal's. I have a 40 tooth rear sprocket. I did not buy the bike for speed but it runs plenty fast as of now. My question is why is the bike so herky jerky upon assisted pedaling to help bike to cruise speed. When low speed cruising there is a lot of slopyjerky motion back and forth. The only way to help smooth out the ride is to either go fast are pull the clutch and coast, are just go WOT. IS THIS JUST THE NATURE OF THESE SMALL BEAST. Is it something I need to get use too, are is there a upgrade, some type of different set up that can be done to help with this annoying jerky motion. Thanks to any and all feed back. I will be looking forward to seeing what you guys have to say.

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