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Default Re: First Bike build and limited to $600 ;3
As crappy of a bike it is, and I am not a fan of huffy, but I may be wrong to judge them as my old bike was a huffy and the frame snapped. I was doing wheelies because I got carried away getting to feel a clutch again after being off bikes for almost a year, so that probably weakened it, but it broke when the chain jumped off the gear while I was going 35mph. I did not get hurt, but that bike never road again with a motor, I still have the bike and use it to listen to music while stoned riding around my city lol I will probably go with the Huffy in that link as I tested the breaks in walmart and think they will do until I can afford to upgrade. I plan on replacing the front forks with mountain bike shocks as I did that with my last bike and man it is so worth it if you are riding on side walks or any bumpy areas. I plan on putting a disk break on when I do that as well. That is not included in my 600 budget though as it will come in later after the build, which BTW this build should start in about a week from now when I order the parts. Let me know what your thoughts are on this plan
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