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Default Re: Hit By a Veichle

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
got no advice 'cept learn to heal fast - just dropped one at 30mph 'bout 1/2 hour ago - gash on head, ripped toenail off big toe, knees, elbow, & hip road rashed pretty deep

POS bike is low-rider with 80degree girder front end in for wiring & tuning - picked up a speed wobble at 25 & at 30 I couldn't hold it any more with the drop-bars lower than the exhaust port (probably coulda held it if I didn't have these old man arms no thicker than a strand of spaghetti)
Yeah, hope you guys heal up fast.

Crassius, what's up with you? With age is supposed to come wisdom.

When the front end goes unstable at 25 you are supposed to shut it down, not gas it up to 30. What were you thinking?

jsilva - if you don't know what happened you just have to go with the flow for now. Lost memory is serious, take your time, do what the doctors say.
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