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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Hadn't done anything with mine in months, but I'll be taking it to the shop along with all it's extra parts etc, etc, then I can get back to finishing up the extra welding to beef up the frame, then strip it all down to a bare frame and paint it.
I got my Tig set up at the shop finally as well as the plasma cutter so I got something a bit better than that cheap HF wire feed welder that actually does really well... I built a really nice guardrail for my alignment pit and used that little welder exclusively and it did great.
I also got a nice 20 foot long steel work bench where I plan to mount my lathe, drill press, bench grinders, and a few other stationary tools... Mostly set up for welding and fab work, but once I get the back of the shop set up a little better I'll build a few more to see how they sell in this area, then I also got this Morini engine I'm thinking about putting in a trike since it's a bit too wide to be practical on a bicycle, so once I find the right frame I'll begin that project.
Right now I'm just too busy during the day to mess with the bicycle projects but I'm also really missing all that tinkering... and there's nothing wrong with staying a few hours late to do my own stuff after I close up for the day...
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