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Default Re: Well, looks like I won't be riding anymore

One thing they can not steal is the memories you will have forever of building it with your father I lost my dad in 2005 He helped me build my 93 Mustang & I swear I had more fun working on it with him than the car itself & Id trade it for an hour with him today . On a second note I have my bike chained with a ships anchor chain the links are almost 1.5" thick so they will need a concrete saw to get it off

I also have a sign they cant miss if looking at my bike outside that says
"If you can see my bike chances are I have the cross hairs of my "Ole' Henry" 30/30 on the back of your head ..Is it worth it? ! Every one turns around & looks behind them then walks away !! I see it on my camera all the time I should upload a few.
Im sorry to hear about your bike! It really pisses me off as well

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