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Default Re: can a gokart ever be a quadricycle? welcome input into how to make it so

Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
I'm just spitballing ideas I think those gokart differentials are 1" diameter axels so I've seen some tall narrow tires and wheels at American Power Sports that would work. The reason for the differential is cornering so 1 wheel doesn't skid. Cobbled from a combo of bike and gokart parts and welded up parts.

It's all a matter of money.
If you can find old lawn tractors with the differential they have 3/4" axels. But it almost takes two as you need to take them apart and use two long axels. They come with one short and one long axel. They have key ways all ready cut and you can get the hubs out of some lawn tractor wheels to use for hubs. then just weld spoke flanges on then. That's is what Silverbear is doing on his trike build..................Curt
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