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Default Re: Why cheap fenders are putting you in immediate risk.

I have that same bike with those same lightweight fenders that come with those terrible lightweight "L" bracket mounts. My advice is do not trust the mounts. Rivets are bad....good nuts/bolts are good. Bent cheap piece of tin stock "L" bracket bad....heavy stainless "L" brackets good. 2 mounting spots bad.....more mounting spots good. We all know cheap hardware when we see it and most can look at something like little cheap "L" brackets and figure they are a destine to fail probably sooner rather then later.

I recommend adding extra brace wires and always bend them out when installing and push them into the bike when bolting on. That way if one does fail it will spring outward and not inward toward spokes. I use heavier wire bracing on my rear fender and I also use a few heavy zip ties ran through a few drilled holes in the fender just to act as last resort safety's should something give. May prevent fender from spinning forward. I use the same safety's on the front fender....and use extra brace wires. "When in doubt, build it stout!" As a rescue worker I have learned over the years that between flesh and pavement....pavement always wins!
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