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Default Re: Hello from Riverside, CA

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I still need to put in a muffler support, just didn't like the one that came with the kit and haven't had a chance to fab up the clamp that I want on it. Haven't really ridden it much due to waiting for our plate from the DMV. I've looked into front brakes but there is not a good place to mount them on this style of springer forks. These forks also don't have anything to keep them from swinging into the frame if the wheel were to be locked up by hard braking. I really like the look of these forks and they have a good ride, but I may change to another style of fork if braking becomes a problem. We don't really have any big hills and not intending to doing much high speed riding. After we start riding it more, I'll evaluate if more brakes are needed. Thanks for the suggestions.

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