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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Thanks for the tips guys. It was definitely the jet, jetted a little smaller and it ran much better until about 28-29 where it started 4-stroking again. Figured I still needed to jet down a little further this afternoon.

But I never made it to this afternoon, near the end of that ride this morning my frame snapped. It was broken in 3 places, to the point where even my boss said to toss it. Otherwise he would have had our amazing welder fix her up for me, but this thing is toast

So yep... that was my morning. Woke up still sick, w/ the added bonus of throwing an ear infection on top of the weekend's cold. Traffic light near my house was broken so I had to take an alternate route. Then my frame snapped and I had to push the beast the last leg of the commute, sick and miserable haha.

But hey, got engaged on Saturday and the Mrs is extremely happy, so that's cool.

Unless this was a sign.... dear god what have I done?!? Kidding... haha
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