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Originally Posted by LR Jerry View Post
It does work to a point for small punctures. It will also leave a spot where it sealed the hole. Still I recommend patching the hole as soon as possible. I too use the extra thick tubes and heavy duty liners. I use slime as well. But like its a band aid get me home fix. My front wheel wouldn't be so bad as a road side repair but the rear wheel involves quite a bit of work and much easier to do at home. Sorry but I'm just not going to put my life on the line by riding regularly on a slime repair.
Way to many thorns nails etc in my travels to completely agree with this one. Lets get some clarity here.

Not enough material in the tube. Means it will not work. AKA the paper thin tube. Should have the bike made out of paper thin steel too. lol. As to me it makes about as much sense.

To make it clear with my experience and funny thing it never changes. Not in 30 years. I have have too many Goat Head thorns to even began to count. Yes all the way to the tube. Even through the side walls of my tires. This is of course why I use enough product to protect the whole tube. Yes like a entire bottle.

I have had much larger thorns all the way to the tube. Shards of steel wire, Thumb tacks,nails the list goes on.

Do you know what I do about it? Absolutely nothing. I simply ride the machine. I do pluck out the projectile. When the tire finishes going ''completly'' bald I replace it all. That really depends however. I do have tubes that have had over 11,000 miles on them. As God is my witness every one of those tubes had been impelled by something at any given time in those miles. I just put more product in them over time. That was all..

As for a patch kit. Well that is completely alien to me as well. I got no use for those. Really don't.

Can see why a fellow might want one. For emergency and all. I have always skated past all that gracefully.

A fellow here might post that he has to patch his tube? This is a moot point to me. Why ? Preslimed tube = not enough active product in all my experience. My favourite one of all a paper thin tube. This type of tube will weep until it goes dry enough to leak and or patch. As well as the preslimed tube. Last the only one that gets me. A nail shot to the rim means active product can not reach it to seal it. ''at the rim''

My get up does not leak at all what so ever..

Sure every tire needs topped off once and awhile. That is all I ever do and all I ever will do!!

Want to get even more bullet proof? Use a gutted old thick tube as a tire liner over a thick tube. I like to wipe all the talc powder out too between the tubes. This to me means that I nonchalantly have a full time tube patch as well. This alone is pretty good! I still use the green stuff. This was one of my best tricks out in the country side where entire fields,pastures were ruined with thorns.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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