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Default Re: To clutch or not to clutch

O.K. got it!

As milegajo pointed out, a typical centrifugal clutch is not bi-directional. From the photos I found, this is a typical clutch. You will not be able to pedal start it.

I haven't had one of these; but I'm guessing the centrifugal add-on renders the original clutch useless in terms of function. Just make sure the original clutch is adjusted properly so that it is always fully engaged. I can't see why you would want to install the cable and handle either.

"PS...All the stuff you've done is awesome!!!!! Keep up the good work my friend. You are a large assett to this sight and MB's...POPS"

Thanks Rick!

I've got a few motorized bicycle things planned for this year. I just have to get it done.
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