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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

My shop is still for cars, but there is a rather large stock room in the back that's not being used yet... If all goes right I'll be taking my CNC machine and setting it up along with my lathe and a few other stationary tools in there then still have more than enough room to work my bikes and other similar projects.
I would like to in the near future be able to produce a few good quality motorized bicycles to sell, but for now, having a 3500 square foot shop with a few extra rooms that are out of the weather and the ability to add heating and air conditioning should make my shop much more comfortable then the 2 car garage I've been working my bike in.
Right now the bike is pretty far down in my priorities list, but in the next few months I'l be moving my tooling to the shop for a more permanent home and if all goes good I'll be able to produce a few really nice rides. The landlord still has a lot of his tooling and race car parts stored in another stall in the shop which I'm going to convert into a paint booth once he clears it out so I'll be able to do everything in house once that's up and running. In the meantime I can still paint but I'll need to use plastic sheet to curtain off the rest of the shop to prevent overspray from getting on customers' cars, but I do have the space to do everything I need to.
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